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Paraiba Tourmaline Stone

Paraiba is Brazil's most sought-after intensely saturated Windex-colored tourmaline variety. Over the years, the term Paraiba has come to signify the most. A high-quality Paraiba Tourmaline has a unique glow that radiates from the stone. This luminosity has been likened to brilliant lustrous galaxies or a beautiful. A very large, clean and bright Paraiba Type Tourmaline from Mozambique. This gem has an American Gemological Laboratories lab report and would make an. Orange stone Engagement Ring · Green stone With its neon blue color, portugese cut and oval shape, this carats Paraiba Tourmaline Similar Products in. Quality Paraiba tourmalines range from $2, to $50, per carat. Because of the value and rarity of this stone, purchasing a larger number of small stones is.

Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones are incredibly rare crystals known for their vibrant blue and green colors. This crystal greatly associated with the Heart and. Copper-bearing gem tourmaline, known as Paraíba tourmaline after the location of its original discovery, is prized for its vivid blue to green color. Paraiba tourmaline is an incredible rare gemstone that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is unique. The vivid almost unearthly colors of Paraiba. Paraiba Tourmaline – A unique spectrum for a rare gem - Paraiba Tourmaline is famous for its broad blue-green spectrum and surprisingly, it's more expensive. In addition to their brilliant and rich color, Paraiba tourmalines also seem to exhibit an incandescent glow, even outside of light, that makes the stone easily. Paraíba tourmaline is named after the Paraíba State in Brazil. The famed blue gem was found in the s. Prior to its discovery, Brazil had been used for. Paraiba tourmaline is the birthstone for those born in October. The precious stone represents insight, creativity, wisdom, and voice. Tourmalines are known to. Paraiba Tourmaline gem colors include blue, green and violet. Copper-bearing Tourmalines with pink, red or purple colors are technically not classified as. Your browser does not support our video. STONE DESCRIPTION Item Number: PA Gem Type: PARAIBA TOURMALINE Number of Gems: 1PC Approx Weight: Shape. Paraiba tourmaline is a rare and highly prized gemstone that currently comes mainly from Mozambique and is known for its unique color and beauty. The Paraiba tourmaline is different: it owes its splendid colour to copper, an element which has never before been observed in a tourmaline. Indeed quite a fair.

Paraiba tourmaline was first discovered in the Paraiba state of northeastern Brazil. The Discovery of the dreamy stones is attributed to Heitor Dimas. Paraiba tourmaline is a gemstone renowned for its striking and vibrant blue-green color. It belongs to the tourmaline gemstone family, which is known for its. These stones generated great excitement, and their prices soon exceeded $20K per carat. paraíba tourmaline crystal - Brazil. Blue-green cuprian tourmaline. Highlights: ct natural paraiba tourmaline- Sought after geographic origin of Brazil- Gorgeous teal blue hue- True copper bearing paraiba- Inclusions. Paraiba tourmaline is a rare, unique and vibrant gemstone discovered in Brazil in the s, coveted for its neon blue to green hues and. Some insist that only tourmalines from the Brazilian state of Paraiba are Paraibas, while others are more inclusive since the stones mined in Africa are so. Paraiba is the rarest and most expensive variety of tourmaline. Some specimens can easily compete in value with large diamonds of the highest characteristics. Rarer than diamonds and more expensive than gold, Paraiba tourmaline has become one of the world's most precious gemstones for its extraordinary neon blue. The natural tourmaline crystal pictured here from Paraiba, Brazil, weighs ct and is an intense greenish-blue color. It is the first such crystal in the.

Hence the main gem labs certified the stones as “Cuprian Elbaite Tourmaline” just as they had certified the original Paraiba material. Depending on the dealer. Discovered recently in , Paraiba tourmalines are renowned for their intense blue hues. They are among the world's most prized gemstones for their electric. 5 Paraiba tourmaline gem is an absolute delight for serious collectors who seek for fine gems for their collection. 6 Paraiba tourmaline hardness on Mohs scale. Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese 'turmali' meaning 'stone with mixed colours' referring to the diverse variety of coloured gemstones within this family. Buy gem-quality stones direct from the trade. Find your perfect coloured gemstone with Gembridge.

Shop carats Paraiba Tourmaline Cushion Cut Natural Stone from Mozambique. Purchase online at GandharaGems and explore tourmaline gemstone collection. It was determined that the element copper was important in the coloration of the stone. A large bluish-green tourmaline from Paraiba, measuring mm × Paraiba tourmaline is a rare and highly prized gemstone known for its breathtaking and vibrant blue-green to greenish-blue hues.

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